Redwood Heights Neighborhood News

by Denise Davila

Are you aware of the controversial changes the City of Oakland is planning for Redwood Rd. and 35th Ave.? The proposal for slowing traffic in this area is to have just one lane in each direction and a dedicated bike lane. There are also other changes that are included in the proposal. The change to a single lane is the major one. Many neighbors in the Redwood Heights/Laurel/Skyline areas are strongly opposed to major changes in this corridor.

Forty years ago Redwood Rd./35th Ave. was a single lane in each direction. The city of Oakland planned to widen the streets to four lanes by taking some of the front yard area from the existing houses on the west side. There was to be no parking on either side of the street and no median. Those opposed to that plan gathered hundreds of signatures from the residents and presented the petition to the City, and the street was developed as it is today.

At that time traffic was increasing because of Lincoln Square, along with school, commercial and housing development up to Skyline. It was nearly impossible to get out of driveways and side streets during rush hours. If Redwood Rd./35th Ave. is changed back to one lane each direction, it will be even more congested because of the increase in car and bus traffic. It will impede immediate emergency response for fire, police, and ambulances. One lane in each direction will be eliminated for cars and become a bike lane. Those of us who lived here before the redevelopment know from experience that it would be a nightmare to merge into traffic with one lane, especially during rush hour.

The main purpose for this change proposed by the Traffic and Engineering Department is to “calm” drivers and slow them down. But other solutions to the speeding problem need to explored—solutions that won’t inconvenience everyone.

If you share our concerns, please contact the following:

Mayor Jean Quan

District 4 Libby Schaaf

District 6 Desley Brooks

At-Large Rebecca Kaplan

City Traffic and Engineering Dept. Joe Wang

For more information or to sign our petition, please call me, Barbara Ciu, at 531-1131 or email

Christmas Tree Fundraiser

By the RHS Dads’ Club

If you plan to purchase a Christmas tree this year, please consider buying one from the Redwood Heights School’s (RHS) Dads’ Club to support the school. All of the proceeds go towards helping to fund basic enrichment programs for our children, such as art and music, as well as field trips and more. The Dads’ Club gets the pick of the best Noble and Douglas fir trees from a generous local distributor. Volunteers will pick the trees up and deliver them to the school on December 17 between 10 and 11 a.m. Can’t make it to the school yard on that day? We will gladly deliver your tree straight to your home. Delivery: $7 within 5 miles of RHS.

Please order by 10 a.m. Dec. 15. Ordering your tree early is very much appreciated!

Please keep in mind that we bring only enough trees to fill all of the orders. To download your order form or pay online, visit the school website at Click "Events" on the navigation bar, then click “Christmas Tree Sale.” We will also have order forms available at the school office (where you may drop of your completed order forms and checks, should you prefer that method of ordering).

For more information, please contact Matt Wirth at 844-2861, or by email at

Please feel free to mention the tree sale to your friends and neighbors. We would love to sell as many trees as we can. Thank you to all RHS parents and community members for your continued efforts and support.