World Ground/Ten Years Old
Madeline Smith Moore
One afternoon a little more than ten years ago, Uffe Gustafsson strolled down to MacArthur from his home in search of a cup of good coffee, a cozy atmosphere, and a pleasant respite from his chores.

Dimond Neighborhood News
Daniel Swafford, Meg Bowerman, and Marilyn Miller'
Beat 22X NCPCThe newly organized Beat 22X Neighborhood Crime Prevention Council convened on Monday, February 4, with 162 concerned neighbors in a standing-room"o...

High Street Neighborhood News
Adelle Foley
Nonviolent Living and Jazz Vespers on High Street' For'a taste of harmony in our community, go to the High Street Presbyterian Church the last weekend in March.

Laurel Neighborhood News
John Frando and Kathleen Rolinson
Local Heroes HonoredTraditional lion dancers and Laurel Circus Clowns joined Councilmember Jean Quan and the community in honoring District 4's local heroes on

Leona Heights Neighborhood News'
Gordon Laverty
If you're a new resident in the Leona Heights area, we welcome you to our historical environment. We hope you will participate in local activities and get to

Maxwell Park Neighborhood News
Sarah Hipolito
Nice Place to Walk'Once upon a time, before the I-580 freeway bisected the neighborhoods, families used to freely walk to shopping, recreation, and school.

Redwood Heights Neighborhood News
Denise Davila and Randy Fenton
Fiery Neighborhood Meeting for March 11Topic: Fire Safety in Redwood HeightsRedwood Heights and parts of the Laurel neighborhood are identified as high fire-haz...

Boulevard Bites
Tracey Rolandelli
### Spring is just around the corner, and the new season brings some changes to our boulevard. Tammy's Bible Bookstore has relocated to 3008 MacArthur Blvd.

The Breakfast Club'
Debbie Francis and Tracey Rolandelli'
Tracey and I were strolling around the neighborhood and found some real treasures as far as breakfast restaurants go. Some of them have been well-kept secrets,

Community Contacts
Council districtsThe MacArthur Metro readership area lies mostly in Oakland City Council District Four, Jean Quan's district.

To Your Health
Paulette Avery, R.N., M.S.N., I.B.C.L.C.
What's New in Nutrition?March is National Nutrition Month, a yearly event sponsored by the American Dietetic Association (ADA).

Letters to the Editor
' As a Redwood Heights resident and a supporter of the community-building Metro, I want to address a major issue in the ongoing Farmer Joe's dispute—stable ...

Orchids and Onions
' Orchids to Mr. Hubert J. Lee, crossing guard who escorts kids and parents from three different schools across the 35 th Ave.

Peralta Hacienda Commemorates de Anza Expedition'
Nina Egert
Moraga, Bernal, Berryessa, Pacheco, Castro, Peralta. Most residents of the East Bay associate these names with local landmarks.

Ice Skating in East Oakland—More Community-Building!
Pat Patterson
' A bit of magic happened in late December that turned our neighborhood into a real winter wonderland. Children, teens, and adults were treated to an ice skating ...