Students Build on a Dream to Help Others
Dennis Evanosky
Education is a basic human right. Yet those who need education the most — children living in poverty — are the least likely to attend and complete school. The organization “BuildOn” uses this premise to encourage local students to reach out and

Dial 211 for Info, Referral Services
Dossie H. Terrell
Most everyone at some point has used 411 to look up information or 911 to report an emergency. Most, however, are less familiar with 211 and the services that Eden I&R, Inc. provides. Eden I&R is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit agency designated by the ...

Pawfest at the Park, Oaktoberfest on Tap
Carrie Campbell
Pawfest at Dimond Park Oakland Parks and Recreation (OPR) will host “Pawfest 2014” at Dimond Park, near the Fruitvale Avenue entrance, from 11 a.

Neighborhood Hosts Forum and Other News from High
Adelle Foley
Congratulations, LAMMPS Project The magic word “congratulations” spelled the magical leap forward for a project initiated nine years ago by Claire Antonetti,

March for Elephants Planned on Oct. 4
Larry Laverty
The second annual March for Elephants will take place 10:30 a.m., Saturday, Oct. 4, in San Francisco. The march begins at St.

The Election: A look at Measure Z
Bruce Nye
This November, Oaklanders will have many ballot measures to consider. None will be more important than Measure Z, which continues the 10-year parcel tax and

Lincoln Square Safeway Topic at Oct. 15 Meeting
Metro Staff Reports
More than three years ago Safeway announced plans to remodel its Lincoln Square store into a new “lifestyle” store with a full bakery, a coffee bar, a deli and a

Thank You, Toni
Dennis Evanosky
Former MacArthur Metro editor Toni Locke recently stepped down from the newspaper’s board of directors. I first met Toni at a MacArthur Coalition meeting in 1994.

We're on Our Way, Join the Dollar-For-Dollar Challenge
Elizabeth Callaway
A far-sighted and generous neighbor has presented a Dollar-for-Dollar challenge to Metro supporters. For donations made to the Metro as part of this challenge,

‘Oaktoberfest’ Steeped in Tradition That Stretches Back to 1810 Munich
Dennis Evanosky
German festivals in today’s Dimond District date back to a fundraising event hosted by the Altenheim (Old Folks Home) Society in 1891. However, the Oktoberfest

A Wedding Started it All
Dennis Evanosky
On Oct. 12, 1810, the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig, who later ruled the Kingdom of Bavaria as Ludwig I, married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. The

Dennis Evanosky
Germans also celebrate Oktoberfest in the city of Stuttgart. To be more correct, the fest takes place just across the Neckar River in Bad Cannstatt. The

Introvert or Extravert: A Study in Personalities
Elizabeth Preston, Ph.D.
The personality traits of introversion and extraversion are a fundamental distinction in psychology. With few exceptions, every comprehensive model of human